Episode 016 - "Why Start A New Business?" with Special Guest Erica Kuhl

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Former VP Community at Salesforce, Erica Kuhl joins Peers Over Beers to talk about her current role as CEO & Founder of Erica Kuhl Consulting. - Community industry not moving fast enough and she can help - All industries are looking at community - Who should do community? (Hint, Erica says all industries can benefit from community) - Four buckets Erica helps companies with communities Budget, program frameworks and total buy-in for communities is important to her when she helps companies. We talk about how customers are first. When you put your focus on the customer experience and customer success the company will see the value over time. Data, data, data is something you should fall in love with!

You can reach Erica Kuhl at:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericakuhl/
Twitter: @ericakuhl
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