Episode 015 - "How Did We Get Here" with Special Guest Matt Mecham, Co-Founder and Development Director for Invision Community

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We have a great guest joining our podcast today. Mr Matt Mecham, the Co-Founder and Development Director of Invision Community. He joins us from his home base in the UK and we enjoyed the chat so much, we are pusblishing the entire unedited edition. I think when you listen to the podcast you will know why. Matt's insightful journey and story of his career from community developer to Co-founder of Invision is a great one indeed. Plus listening to some of Matt's personal thoughts on today's community manager's challenges will give you a sense as to why he is a sought after resource in our industry. I hope you enjoy and stay safe my friends.

Matt Mecham can be found on LinkedIn and at Invision Community  

Episode 015 -
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