Episode 008 - "Be Empowered to Say No" Your #CMAD Self-Care Cure

Our first recording for 2020, and we are excited to bring you our wit to the fun world of community and digital. Since we recorded on #CMAD day, we decided to devote the episode to its theme of self-care. We talk about our routines, but the discussion turns towards the stressors on community managers today. To sum up; "be empowered to say no". Happy 2020!

Today's beer
Chris had Paulaner Hefe Weisen https://www.paulaner.com/us/our-products/hefe-weizen/
Michael had Lakewood Lager Vienna Style  https://lakewoodbrewing.com/year-round/

  • Happy #CMAD
  • Hear how we spent our holiday season.  Some traveled, while others ate
  • What is self-care and listen to our perspectives
  • Learn how we manage our stress
  • Chris seeks others to help him broaden his roadmap view to destress
  • Michael digs into research to understand to destress
  • Perhaps community managers need self-care since we tend to be lone wolves
  • Don't be afraid to say no
  • Is self-care needed because out new work normal is a smaller workload that added responsibilities stress workers?  Hear us opine. 

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