Episode 006 - Case Study: Building a Social Brand in Germany from The Ground Up

In this episode, Michael Sandoval and Chris Detzel walk through the case study on how we built a social brand in the German market. We then talked about how this brand was used to help drive more original content and market traction.

This episode starts with how a community manager can kick start content using one's subject matter experts.  We discuss:
  • The idea of " tribal knowledge"
  • How to get employees excited to generate original content
  • How original knowledge articles can drive content and interaction

We then go into a Case Study of how we built a social brand in the German Market with "Elektrohelden" .
  • How one's company brand can help or hurt your community's success
  • How knowing one's customers will make your community successful
  • Finally, we discuss how all of these activities are the result of the efforts of a community manager.  When kickstarting a community, you are the "jack-of-all-trades"

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