Episode 005 - [Case Study] How a New B2B Community Creates and Drives New Content

Happy Holidays from the team at Peers over Beers. I know this episode is a bit late, but you would be please to know I had a great holiday. In this episode, we spend most of our time on a case study. Michael Sandoval discusses his approach on how he gets a 14B dollar company to start creating original content for a new online B2B community. It's a step-by-step discussion and you may use it for your B2B content creation process. Chris discusses how original stories can help a community manager drive excitement into a new community to drive internal participation.

  • Chris Detzel spends some time asking Michael Sandoval how 
  • Case Study on to drive new content when kickstarting a new B2B community.
    • Develop industry leading content (wiki content)
    • Sales support answers 
    • SEO trends to drive new insights
  • How we used new content to drive traffic to the eCommerce sites
  • How using personal customer stories on the community helped drive excitement internally.

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