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Episode 048 -Part One New B2B SaaS Communities - Common Questions Asked By An Organization

In this podcast, we decided to do something a little different. Chris presented the community strategy to his organization through an all hands meeting they had that week. During that presentation he answered over 20 questions from the organization. These are really good questions and we decided on this podcast that we would answer three of them together. Questions asked and answered during the podcast: 1. In a new Branded Community, who are the experts that should help answer customer and partner questions? 2. When you open up a new B2B Community, How do you address the the lifecycle of the customer. For example, if they are in implementation stage, do you allow them on the community? Do you have content to help them? 3. How do Brands gain Brand awareness with B2B online communities?

Episode 047 - Is Clubhouse the New Thing? Also Michael is Setting The Stage for Online Community for the Bank

Peers Over Beers on Clubhouse live? Michael describes talks about planting the seed for Online Community and Chris talks about his journey in building his new online Community at Relito and push for patience.

Episode 046 - Green fielding, Growth and Maturing Community - What is Your Engagement Strategy

Founding members and building an effective engagement strategy to online communities is so important. Michael and Chris talk a lot about digital engagement, content engagement and how to get your customers engaged into the community. Michael thinks about it in three parts. Green fielding, growth and maturing the community.

Episode 045 - Working with Legal and Security made "EASY" and a Cafeteria Style Look and Feel for Community

In this episode we talk about Legal, Security, UX and lots of other items. Building a community from scratch involves all of these things and they all happen in tandem. Also in this episode we all know that you have to just go do your F*ING job. If you go out and make stuff happen and do your F*ING job, then you will get shit done quickly.

Episode 044 - Business Meetings, Quarterly and Best Practices for Community and Digital Meetings

What makes a good meeting when you are talking to your executives? We go in detail of what doesn't make a good meeting, but then Michael, as usual, brings it back around to talk about what a good business executive meeting looks like. We also take a look back at our past and talk about some successes and some failures on building communities.

Episode 043 - How Digital Can Expose Underlying Problems Because of Separate Business Unit Past Decisions

When building an online community or any digital customer system, we find that there are underlying issues in the foundation of organizations. Michael talks about how he has had conversations around "blowing" up what they have and starting fresh. We go into detail on how digital systems help and also how it exposes ways certain teams within the business work.

Episode 041 - Chris has Big News - Building a New Community From Scratch

Chris announces that he is changing jobs from Imperva to a company called Reltio. He talks about the challenges that he might have when building a community from scratch at Reltio. We talk about who Reltio's customers might be and some of the problems we can solve from a self-service standpoint. We believe that community can accelerate growth by driving loyalty.

Episode 040 - Special Guest - Max Rothery from Finimize - How Finimize Built Online Community

We enjoyed our conversation with Max Rothery from Finimize. It is so funny, because we talk a lot on Peers Over Beers on how others built their communities and how different each one is. Finimize started from an email newsletter which now has more than 1m subscribers. 

In 2019 they built out their community to be in person, with chapters in more than 35 countries w/ 10,000 people attending meet ups.

In the midst of Covid-19 they had to shift virtually and this year they tripled the number of attending.

 Max goes into detail around that shift and talks about how they also launched a paid community with WhatsApp as their main tool for engaging their community digitally.

Episode 039 - How Many Ways Can You Build An Online Community?

Chris and Michael talk about how companies have built online communities and how each company started in different ways. Just because one company builds an online community one way, it does not mean that is the only way to do it. We explore those different ways in this episode. Although we think the technology and platforms are important parts of building an online community, we know that it is not the thing you should start with. Some questions to ask and answer before getting started are: Why are you building this community? What problem are you trying to solve? What will your customers get out of your community? What will they do when they are there? What are some core KPI's that you will track when the community opens up? In this episode we mention how Holly Firestone, Head of Community, from Venafi how she started her community from slack channels so that they can engage their customers. (I'm fairly sure we say her last name incorrectly in the episode, our sincere apologies.)

Episode 038 - Tel Aviv has Amazing Beaches!! How to take the Apple Approach in Digital at a Lil ole Bank in El Paso

In this episode, Michael talks about how his approach in building a digital / eCommerce at a small bank in El Paso will take an Apple approach. They want to grow their acquisition strategy around people and education. Walk before you run!

Episode 037 - Post 2020 Election - Building a Community Champions Program - Brainstorm on How to Build This Program

Creating a champions program allows and incentives your customers to help create content. It is difficult to come up with the right things to do to incentivize your customers because there are so many things to do. Humans in general are motivated by different things, but you have to start somewhere. Yes, it is stressful at times, but start small and build big.

Episode 036 - Budget Process Time! Some Resources We Are Thinking we need for 2021 on Community

Michael and Chris dive into the budget season and are thinking about what we need for 2021. Chris talks about developing a Super User program for the Imperva Community and looking at getting a resource to run this. Michael helps guide Chris in what that extra resource could also do. Michael is focused on the customer, but believes that you have to "fix" the internal pieces first. He talks about visual ways to show the organization on how to influence change internally. Michael is trying to influence others to make things happen internally.

Episode 035 - Creating Digital Experience at a Drive-Thru Bank, Working with Legal and Happy First Birthday To Imperva Community

We talk about a lot of different topics in this podcast that includes the complexity of creating a digital customer experience with your customers in the banking industry, working with legal teams and Imperva's Community 1st birthday. Listen now!

Episode 034 - Holy Batman! Ask Me Anything for Digital Community Should be Engaging and Produce Tons of Engaging Content

In this episode, Michael starts off the conversation with a story about Mexican free-tailed bats! Yes, that's right, bats.. Then Chris talks about his first LIVE Ask Me Anything webinar that he hosted with Imperva experts, Imperva customers and Imperva partners. AMA's can be done many different ways, so take a listen on how Chris did it.

Episode 033 - Engaging Customers, Engaging the Org, Creating Content are all Good; Without it your Digital Community will DIE

Giving the right attention to digital communities is crucial. For your community to thrive, you have to have the right alignment at the senior level. You have to engage your customers, you have to engage your internal organization and you have to have the right content. We also give some good examples of, if you don't focus your attention on it, the community could and will die. You have to listen to the end. Michael sums this episode up quite well!

Episode 031 - Digital Self-Help Support and Community for Financial - It's Personal!

In this episode, Chris and Michael talk about how we do research when building or enhancing our communities. Then we start noodling on how to do self-help in a digital way. Michael then ponders the ideas of self-help and digital support for banking. Today they are heavily offline but are moving to a more digital way. We talk about how banking is so personal for people. Money is always an important aspect of all of our lives. We ponder on the question: What does a community or a digital support strategy look like for a financial institution?

Episode 030 - Going Digital in a non-Digital Company Starts with the Painting the Picture

In this episode, Chris and Michael talk about how you present digital to an organization that does not understand digital. Some of this starts with telling the stories. How do you make an offline experience comparable to a digital online experience? We pose some of the problems like they were real in front of a person. You have to start simple. Michael talks about some real life experiences that he has had and share some of his examples.

Episode 029 - Dani Weinstein Interview - Building, Launching and Scaling Online Communities

In this episode we talk to Dani Weinstein about the different communities he built, launched, and scaled within his careers. He touches on every aspect of building these communities that include super user programs, securing funds to build online communities and how data is the gold of all things around community.

Episode 028 - Fighting for What is Right and The Balance of Working from Home vs Working in the Office

Chris and Michael talk about the value of office working. We believe that there needs to be a balance between the two. Michael has always liked the idea of working in the office, but Chris likes the idea of working from home more. We also get involved in a conversation around how you have to fight for what you believe in when it comes to your online community. Chris goes into detail around how he fought to get Community icons, and more, into a "PingOne" like SSO for his community at his company. Even if it seems like a small thing, it might not be. Chris believes the impact is huge. Take a listen

Episode 027 - Building Community Engagement and Content Through Online Webinars

Michael interviews Chris about his new webinar program that he created on the Imperva Community. During this podcast, Chris walks the audience through how and why he has created community webinars. These webinars create customer engagement, new and fresh content through Q&A, Community blog content, webinar videos and video snippets. The goal at the end of the day is getting the customers what they need as quickly as possible. These webinars help customers do just that. What we did not talk about is the time and effort this takes in getting the experts to do a webinar, content creation, and once it's created going back to get the expert to look at it and correct it and finally schedule the content post. That's another story, but it does take time, but the payoff is worth it.

Episode 026 - Guest Speaker - Amy Kochert - How She Took a Company Community from a Isolated Desert of Forgotten Souls to a Thriving Community

Amy's first job was working from home, as a stay at home mom for many years. Then she started her second career in Customer Experience. Amy worked for Apple, where she learned how to drive and build a great customer experience, both online and offline. She took her experiences to Flexera. She talks about how she redesigned the existing 2008 bulletin forum and brought it back to life with a better CX.

Episode 025 - Guest Speaker - Holly Firestone - A look Back and a look Forward to Building Communities From Scratch

We talk to Holly about her new adventure at Venafi. She went from working at SFDC as a Community Director with several people under her to Venafi, which she is green fielding a new community there as the Head of Community.

Episode 024 - How To Keep Employees Engaged in the Time of COVID-19

Finding creative ways to keep employees engaged and to do their work is not always easy when forced to work from home. Chris and Michael talk about some employee engagement tactics that sometimes work.

Episode 023 - Guest Speaker - Carrie Melissa Jones - Author of Building Brand Communities: How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging

Michael and Chris had a great conversation with Carrie Melissa Jones around her new book Building Brand Communities: How Organizations Succeed by Creating Belonging. We talk about the differences between branded communities and other communities. We also talk about top down, bottoms up leadership. Is this true? Is it not true? Carrie will share examples of good and bad leaderships.

Episode 022 - Chris & Michael talk Digital Integrations with current Branded Community and how it will equal to a great Customer Experience

Chris Detzel and Michael Sandoval talk about how Chris' current success with branded Community at his company, with buy-in from executives, through integrations will equal to a better digital customer experience and more acquisitions of current customers

Episode 021 - Michael Sandoval starts a new job and is over all of Digital - How important is on-ramping?

In this episode, Michael talks about his new job that he took. He took on a newer role for him, as he now owns all of Digital. Since he is going through onboarding at his new company, we talk about how important it is to get on the same page as your leader.

Episode 020 - Case Deflection and Building Online Community for Supporting your Customer Product Questions

Chris Detzel and Michael Sandoval talk about self-help. We believe that B2B customers prefer to self-serve in this digital age of the customer. Building an online community can help with this. We discuss the intricacies of what it takes to build a community that helps with support and what it takes to build a case deflected community. We also believe that if you are not on the first page of Google, when a customer asks a question about your product, you lose. On the other hand, if a customer searches on Google and does get the answer to the question they have about your product, then you win.

Episode 019 - "A Look Back at Community and What to Expect in the Future" with Special Guest Brian Oblinger

During this time of COVID-19 communities are more important than ever. In this podcast we talk to Brian about all things community. If organizations have not thought about or gone digital you could be in trouble. We also talk about customer experience and how community is one of the pillars. Community managers / leaders have been doing customer experience for a long time. Community should eventually branch out to customer journey mapping, online and face to face events and into customer advocacy programs.

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